Friday, August 7, 2009

Thank You

Let us pray together:

Oh Father, you truly do “reward those who diligently seek you”!
My prayer today is a prayer of celebration and thanksgiving!
You’ve blessed me “immeasurably, above all that I could ever ask think or imagine”!

I stood on your Word and you did what you said and answered my prayer! Thank you for your consistency! Thank you for your kindness, but most of all thank you for being true to your word! You are truly amazing to me! You’ve “gone before me” and made my “crooked roads straight” and so many “rough places smooth”!
I now see a different way!
I’m now taking a different approach!
I’m now moving down a different path! You’ve illuminated my way by my allowing you to become “a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway”!
And you continue to “order my steps” and I’m so glad about it!

Now Lord, keep me focused, keep me steady and keep me secure in all your ways.
You’ve told me that there is “more land to possess”; therefore I am confident that I will reach my destination according to your will.
Continue to remind me, that you are “Alpha and Omega”, that you are the “beginning and the end” and that all things are “under my feet”!
Remind me that I belong to you and that you are my God! “I am persuaded” that I will reach my destination for if “I abide in you and your Word abides in me, I can ask for what I will and it will be given unto me”!
So now Lord, give me strength, mercy and grace to run this race and endure to the end!

In Your Name, Amen

Rev. Dianne Lewis Brown
Pastor of Administration & Ministry Development
St. Stephen Church
Louisville, KY/Jeffersonville, IN

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  1. What an awesome prayer. I'm so glad for this day and this time to read and share in the praycation. It is my desire to follow Christ and to do His will in my life for others to see Him through and in me. I pray for all those who are here today and that each of you continue to use and share this site and the prayers and testimonies.
    What a wonderful change that's coming into my life and the very lives of my family. I also pray that the Lord will continue to fill Bishop Mekenzie and all of the followers of Christ Jesus that we reach all we can while we are here so that others can come to know just who God is.

    May the Lord bless you all abundantly the more.May He keep you full of His grace,love and protection from this day forth.

    Sister Gisele