Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Let's pray together:

Good Morning Father. Thank you for awakening me to brand new mercies. I can’t wait to see what you are up to today. You are awesome! I worship you!

You are my shelter and my safe place. You’re my peace in the midnight hours; my strength when I am frazzled, my wisdom when I don’t know what to do. You are my healer when doctors have no clue! There is no God like my God!

Teach me your ways, for your ways are above my ways. Your ways are righteous and just when I would seek to right, or strike back at a wrong. Your ways bless others when I can get preoccupied with myself.
Lord show me your path. Your path leads to hope, salvation, and peace. In Your presence is truly the fullness of joy!

Thank you for not dealing with me according to my transgressions—for I do sin and fall short of your glory! I miss the mark and overstep your boundaries. On my best days, you know I am prone to err. So create in me a clean heart. Start me all over again. Protect me from the works of the devil.
I praise you for victory in Christ! Prosper the work of my hands that you may receive glory and your people are built up.

I ask all these things in the marvelous, matchless name of Jesus, my savior, Amen!
(Inspired by Psalm 25:4-7)

Rev. Dr. Rosalind P. Denson
Associate Pastor
West Side Missionary Baptist Church
St Louis, Missouri

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