Monday, August 10, 2009

Prayer Experience

Bishop, I started out well. I created a prayer corner in my room and planned to be in it at least 20 minutes a day. I started strong but now I can hardly get back into my prayer groove. Help!

Dear Anonymous,

Never fear, just start again. Making the decision to participate in a season of intense prayer is one thing. Doing the daily prayer and Scripture is where real change takes place. Start small and build. If you forget, start where you are. Just follow the instructions on the right side of the blog. The spiritual journey is to be a joy not a burden. Center yourself, connect and commit to listening to the Lord.



  1. May God bless you for allowing the love of the Lord to shine through you to encourage us to develop a closer relationship with the Lord. I've only found out about Praycation today. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to increase in the Spirit of and the knowledge of God.

  2. It matters not when you find our about the journey...what matters is that you join the journey!