Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Prayer Experience

Silence is the hardest part of my praycation experience. I want to fill the silence with words - what was, what is, what will come. I seal my lips, and my eyes envision words prancing through my head; jumbled words, flashing words, preventing the absence of thought for the silence required. I can find my lonely place, my place of solitude, solace, nothingness. I can pray silently or in my secret closet or aloud, publicly. My listening skills are keen, and I am a master of the written word. But, being in silence, without a thought, without a whisper, without a whimper, without a word, I am learning to be silent.

My prayer: Lord, I surrender to you silently, without words or thoughts. Lord, I give you me freely, without the ‘what was, what is, what will be.’ Lord, I am open to your will, without reservation, expectation, clutter, noise; simply emptiness waiting to be filled. Lord, I am intricately, intimately, silently yours. Amen.

D.L. Stapleton

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