Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hear My Prayer, O Lord

All together pray:

O, God, to You I call out now! Hear my cry O, Lord, for in You and You alone I find my hope and contentment. You say in Your Word that I should seek You and then I will be able to find You. Lord, please, why am I not hearing from You? What have I done? What is it I need to do? Please turn not a deaf ear to me at this time, please, Lord! Please do not remain silent now. Hear Your servant now, I humbly beg of You. God I know you not to be a respecter of persons so, please hear me, talk back Lord, I need to hear from You.

Thank You, God, for your unconditional love towards me. Thank You for all the blessings You continue to send my way even when I know I do not deserve them. Thank You God for not counting my offenses, but extending your mercy and granting forgiveness to me. Thank You, God, for knowing my heart when my actions have been so wayward. O, God, I do love You. I desire so to please You with my living. I want to be in Your will. Help me, Lord, in my daily pursuits to please You by representing you so that You are glorified.

So now, Lord, as confusion seeks to disrupt my peace, talk to me, please. Questions are arising where I once only had answers. Doubt is running under the doors of my heart and mind. I need to hear from You Lord; I need a Word from You. I am struggling with decisions that need to be made and yet I cannot move from where I am Lord, until You have spoken. Speak to me Lord!

I must wait on Your direction so as I wait on You, Lord, please increase my patience. As I wait on You, Lord, give me clarity of focus; as I wait, Lord; let me not be distracted by all these other voices. Keep me from anxiousness so that I am useful where You have placed me. Help me to rest in not having to know what is next until You reveal it. O, God, teach me Your ways; help me to KNOW when You are speaking; help me to pay attention to You as I move around Your world with Your people. Lord, I shall remain here until I hear from You. Please speak for Your servant is listening, and trusting and believing that You are hearing me, and will answer me. Let me not get weary in my well doing, but help me to stand confident in whom You have been and all You have done in my past.

I love You, Lord and I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Bishop Sarah F. Davis
16th Episcopal District, AME Church
Kingston, Jamaica


  1. Thank you for your prayer, Bishop Davis. It was helpful. I'm feeling a stong call to turn my life over to God more and more and use my gifts more directly in His service, but I don't know how or if I can afford to without dramatically changing my life style. The invitation right now seems to become more of a comtemplative, a bit stange for a pretty public person. I'll spend the first week of my vacation in silence, solitude and prayer and see if I can gain more clarity.

  2. Bishop McKenzie has said that contemplation and action are both part of the same life just as noon and one minute to midnight are a part of the same day. The deal is to know when to withdraw, think, ponder and pray - when to serve and act .

  3. Thank you Soror Bishop Sarah Davis for your awesome Holy Ghost inspired prayer. For truly,I am in a place of struggle....This prayer was like a window to my soul. Thank you and thank God for your prayer ministry. I am trusting and believing God to speak and work it out.

  4. Thank you Bishop Davis. I read this prayer aloud so the words would ring in my ears. The last few weeks have been very stressful as I have been experiencing a trial. But with all that has been happening, God had still been providing and loving. I am heading to a place of full and complete dependence on HIM. Thanks again.

  5. Bishop Davis you went before the throne! I touch and agree in Jesus Name. Prayer, simply talking to GOD.

  6. Thank you for a heart and soul prayer. Dark nights of the soul aren't often professed before others but I thank you for giving words to my soul cries.