Monday, August 24, 2009

Order My Steps

Let's pray together:

Gracious God, how excellent is Your name in all the earth. Thank you Lord for today, for another opportunity to come before Your throne of grace, to magnify Your most holy Name. Thank you Lord that You aroused me from sleep on this morning and that new grace and mercy greeted me as I opened my eyes.

Father God, I am grateful that You sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins that I can come directly to You and make my petitions known. You sacrificed Your best for me, so I want to give You my best on this day. I want to show You that I love You through my obedience.

Lord this day is Yours. I lay it before the foot of Your throne. Have Your way. You are the one who orders my steps and I put my trust in You. You are sovereign. You know Lord what I will face today and You have already made provision for all my needs. To that end, I trust You with my schedule, my time, and my life on this day.

Help me to sense Your guidance and give me strength to obey. I thank You for guiding me beside still waters; there is no need for me to fret because You are always with me.

Lord, I am overjoyed that assurance is mine because I submit this day to You. My plans will succeed as I allow your Holy Spirit to take full control. My life is in Your hands.

Rev. Angela Tate
West Side MB Church
St Louis, MO

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