Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Let us pray together:

I cry out; yet, in my spirit, I have no relief. I have tried to work things out through my carnal knowledge; yet, I can find no solution. I have tried through my natural ability to be strong; yet, my body has taken a toll in the battle.
Father, in the name of Jesus, forgive me for taking upon myself that which you have instructed that I cast unto you.

Today, I come before your throne of grace and mercy. I totally surrender and give you my spirit, mind and body. Give me peace, as only you can that passes all understanding.
Take my mind and by the power of your Holy Spirit, give me spiritual wisdom and knowledge, in all that I do.
I give you my body, as your temple and as a living sacrifice.
Father, renew and give me strength as the eagle.
Heal me, as only you can heal me. Mold, change and shape me, as only you can, for your good will and pleasure.

As I stand before the presence of your throne, the blood of Jesus Christ covers me. In faith, I surrender all; therefore, the blood of Jesus and my faith in your power and abilities have broken the bondage that held me—spirit, mind and body.
Thank you Father that bondage no longer has dominion over me and I leave your throne rejuvenated in spirit, mind and body and ready to get back into the race. In Jesus' mighty name; amen.

Diana Fikes
Publisher, Voice the Word: A Christian website where the word of God has a solution and takes precedence over any circumstance. © 2009

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