Monday, August 31, 2009

DAY 31!

It's day 31 and week five of Praycation - A Spiritual Journey! It has been a powerful month or prayers, Scripture and positive action. Spiritual Disciplines such as prayer, study, praise, silence, worship and meditation can deepen a believer's faith walk. My prayer is that you were blessed and encouraged to go deeper in Christ so that you can go higher in service.

More that 4,242 have prayed and almost 200 followed daily! Congratulations to those who completed all or part of the journey. If you're just finding out about this prayer discipline go now to the archives, start with July and work you way to August 31st. You can always use this site as a prayer guide.

Thank you for joining the journey. Thanks to everyone who shared their prayers and prayer experiences. If you'd like more, another discipline, teaching, a conference, webinar, or retreat you can email me at with your suggestions. If you sign up to follow this site, you will continue to receive a prayer when a new one is posted.

Let's continue to seek the face of God! Let's continue to deepen the walk and grow in faith and grace!


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