Monday, August 17, 2009

Prayer Experience

A good read:
Speaking Life Into Our Own Lives. When we go through things in our lives, or we battle sins in our lives, we allow it 
to become our focus. We allow it to block the direction, blessing, and promises
 that God has for us.

I often relate it to a mountain. A mountain is very tall, we
 can't see over it or around it. The only way that you would be able to see what is
 on the other side would be to climb to the top and look over it. If we can begin to
 speak to the mountains in our lives, and command them to leave or (DIE), we
 would be able to see our direction, and our focus would be in view. We would
 then be able to speak Life into our lives, no matter what kind of issues it is.
 Sometimes, we make it so much harder on ourselves. We choose to climb the 
mountain ourselves, instead of taking authority over the mountain, and telling it to
 be therefore cast into the sea, and to quit blocking our view, and therefore to die 
in our lives. The Bible tells us to take God's Yoke, because His Yoke is easy,
 and His Burdens are light! In other words, if we would turn our issues over to
 Him, allow Him to remove that mountain, issue, sin that is blocking our 
view, then we would be able to continue on the path that God has for us.

As we walk with God, and try to look at ourselves in the mirror, God will allow us
 to recognize those issues, and God will teach us how to give him the mountains 
in our lives, so that our views will not be obstructed by anything. It is then we can
 speak Life and not Death into our lives. 
Remember for us to be able to speak Life into anything in our lives, that issue must be dead. Also, remember that God can help you with bringing death to
 your issues!

Love You,
First Lady Lisa

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