Monday, February 1, 2010

Prayer for the Healing of God's Nations

O God our heavenly father, we come before you now because we have no other papa who is acquainted with all our sorrows; we have no other daddy who understands our grief; we have no other father who understands tears as a language.

We need you Lord - Come by here. We need you now – Come by here.
People of all nations who speak different languages need you now.

Lord, at such a time as this, when people all over the world are faced with issues of: Homelessness
Political division
We need you Lord.
All over these nations our children are faced with abduction, abandonment, exploitation and the like.

We come boldly before you asking that you come in and do what you do best – to heal body, mind and spirit. We pray with one heart, one desire and one faith because we know you can do all things. We think we can. We tried to do what we can, but we have to fall at your feet and watch you heal, watch you deliver, watch you break bondage and watch you set people free.

You are the greatest physicians. Your prescriptions are in your Word.
Right now, from every nation, from the North, South, East and West:
We take authority over our financial health, in the name of Jesus.
We claim healing over our family lives, in the name of Jesus.
We claim a mighty healing over our spiritual health, in the name of Jesus.
We take authority over our physical healing, over cough, sneeze, cancer, and HIV in every nation.

Start the process with me, my neighbor and to the entire world.
Heal body, mind and soul, in Jesus name, Amen.

Winyee Charles-Lawrence
16th Episcopal District, Women’s Missionary Society, AMEC
•Prayed at the WMS Executive Board, New Orleans

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