Monday, February 8, 2010

Perfect Love

God of Love, your perfect love casts out fear. Unbend hearts that have been twisted by fear of things present or things to come. Unbend minds twisted by fear of things that have no power to hurt and from the burdens that are blessings in disguised. Release our hearts from any anger that weakens it and from guilt for sins long since forgiven.

Perfect Love take away all that holds us back. Usher us into the empowering presence of your agape love. In the loving name of Jesus, Amen.


This week is Love Week at and at Praycation/Seleh: Stop Here Before Moving Forward. Share your favorite love scriptures, prayer experiences, and prayers for those you love in the comment section.

The Season of Lent begins February 17, 2010. Join us in the Daniel Fast and daily devotions. Subscribe to the site to be sure you get all of the latest information on how to participate in this mighty move of God!

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