Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Complete Conviction

Everlasting God,

Transitions can be frightening but by your grace we release all of our old way of doing things. Help us to let go of what use to be, preach the eulogy over dead issues, dead ideas and dead relationships and pronounce the benediction. Turn our tears of mourning into joy.

Prepare us for the road ahead. Move us from rational commitment to complete conviction. We are ready to learn new ways, do new things and go in new directions even when we cannot see the end from where we begin. We trust not the way but the one who created a way for us. In Your name, Amen.


“Holy Trinity,

Mystery of loving communion,

Invitation to deeper union.

Grant me the grace to pass

The test of trust.

Teach me to be self-donating,

To express freely

A commitment to mutuality,

To ever loving,

Quietly befriending reciprocity.

Strengthen my will to love

My sisters and brothers

As you love us and all others.”

Susan Muto, Late Have I Loved Thee

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