Friday, August 24, 2012

Praycation - DAY TWENTY-FOUR

Good morning to all of the list makers in the world! List makers make lists all the time. They can’t help themselves. Any blank page, paper or surface is in danger of becoming the next list. The lists are everywhere. In the car, on the desk, in their pocket, on a bulletin board or tucked away in their Bible. And, they’d be happy to make a list for you too!

List maker, has this ever happened to you? You make a list, you check it twice and thrice to be sure you have on that list everything you hope to accomplish during the day. You may not get everything done, but at least it is on the list to get done. Somehow after all of your diligent planning and preparation, the infamous list is left at home or heaven forbid it’s lost. You work hard to remember everything you want to get done. At the end of the day, during your evening review you find out that you got everything done except the most important thing.

It is a wise person that sets obtainable goals. It is a wise person who makes plans so as not to waste theirs or anyone else's time or resources. It is a wise person who can anticipate problems and make plans to keep them from becoming crises. It is still a wise person who makes plans and then work the plan. Hug your nearest list maker today!

The writer of Proverbs reminds us today that God is the only one who can make sure that what you plan comes to fruition. Whether you’re a list maker or not today’s Praycation is inviting you to invite God into your goal setting plan making agenda. Prayer is an opportunity to invite God into your plans and be sure that the plans are big enough for God. People plan but God orders our steps!

Beloved pray today before making your plans. Thank God for a new day and a fresh opportunity to plan. Ask God what plans does God have for you, plans not to harm but to prosper you. Ask the Lord for guidance about the things you have on your list. What things must you and only you do. What things should you delegate to others. What things should you delay or put off for another day and where should you push the delete button eliminating that item all together. Got it?  It's either do, delegate, delay or delete.

Submit your day to the Lord. It won’t matter how many lists you make or if you leave that list at home. God knows what you need to get done and will give you the energy to handle it.

"People plan their path, but the Lord secures their steps"
Proverbs 16:9
Let us pray:
Lord, plan my work today and empower me to work the plan you have for me, plans that give me a future and a hope. In Jesus name, amen.


Have a blessed weekend. Be sure that your weekend doesn’t become a “weak end”. Get thyself to a place of corporate worship and worship the Lord in spirit and in truth!

If your group, auxiliary, ministry or church is participating in Praycation let me know in the comment section on this site. If you have designated a special Praycation time for prayer at your church for a week, weekend, or this month, let us know how the Lord blessed.

Remember to encourage yourself and all of the list makers in your life today. Send them this message and don't forget the hug!

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  1. THIS MORNING'S DEVOTION IS AWESOME!!! My missionary group at my church is taking part in Praycation in the form of having Prayer Journals! We will begin using our prayer journals on Monday. The program is patterned after your beloved "Praycation" devotions! Thank you Lord for speaking through Bishop McKenzie!!! AMEN! Sis. Brandy Dudley, Exhorter.