Friday, August 17, 2012

Praycation - DAY 17

I love mornings. Its not that I have anything against afternoons, evening or night, it’s just that I love the beginning, the promise of a new day, the prophetic potential of the next 24 hours. What a joy to watch potential shake the darkness from her tresses as possibilities rise above the horizon.  Mornings are a good time to plant your seed as the author of Ecclesiastes suggests in chapter 11 verse 6 – plant your seed in the morning but keep busy the rest of the day because you do not know which effort will profit the most.
Mornings are a time to seek God a quiet start before the intrusion of the challenges of life; mornings, a moment for the Holy Spirit’s “gentle whisper “ to speak to us inexpressible tenderness, power and comfort. My Lord, what a morning…just a moment to renew our minds by the reading of God’s Word and to laugh and dance with God in praise.
Celebrate the morning! The Lord has kept you safe throughout the night and has blessed you with a brand new day. But I have learned something new about the evening.
Many times ancient wisdom gets tossed aside in our post-modern technical global community. If it doesn’t have an on or off switch, can’t be attached to the latest gadget or gismo to enhance our communication capacity or satisfy our insatiable thirst for more and more, than its kicked to the curb. Gorham D. Abbot wrote in 1833 Rules for Daily Conduct. We are to make God’s Word the rule by which we act. We do all things by the power and strength of Christ and do all to the glory of God. In the evening, review. Love it!
While waiting on sustenance or as you are careening towards sleep do an Evening Review. Set aside a moment in the evening for confession, course correction and counsel. Review the events of the day. Give God the glory and praise for the things that went well and ask God for advise on the things that did not go well. Thank God for whatever grace and mercy showed up on your behalf throughout the day. Thank God for the protection provided you and those you care about. Ask God to help you discern the meaning of the events that took place or the personalities you encountered. Let go of any anger before the sun goes down as the Bible suggests. Confess sins, receive forgiveness and give forgiveness. Desire a fresh anointing. Ask the Lord to help you be realigned to God’s will for your life.
Then…Ask the Lord to grant you rest and not just sleep so that you will be ready to celebrate the morning when it comes.
Today, plant your seed early…your ideas, gifts, talents, treasurer, work, projects, love, care and compassion early…but keep busy because you do not know which act will come to harvest first. Then, this evening get to a quiet place to do your evening review. Write down what you have learned. Let the day go and rest.

“And Isaac went out to meditate in the field at he eventide: and he lifted up his eyes, and saw…”
Genesis 24: 63
Let us pray:
Lord help me start strong, stay strong and end the day strong with an evening review. In Jesus name, Amen.
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  1. I thank the Lord for the morning time! That is the time that Him and I can get together and He lets me know what He has in store for me for the day! Mornings symbolizes a new beginning, and I take that opportunity to have a new beginning each day; getting a chance to fix it or make it right! Thank you once again Bishop for sharing with me the anointed word of God! With love - Sis. Brandy Dudley, Exhorter.

  2. What a blessing! I feel like I need to meditate on today's message for at least another month! I will definitely be incorporating time with the LORD in the evening.