Monday, August 27, 2012


When was the last time you did a little extra? A little extra these days can be difficult in our Google world of texting, scanning, skimming, retrieving, emailing, blogging, information-at-your-fingertip world. Oh, and this is on top of your regularly scheduled activities.
In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus speaks about a little extra. If you have two coats give one away and if someone compels you to go one mile you go two – the extra mile.
The word “compel” carries with it the idea of “a readiness and willingness to submit to inconvenience or unreasonable demands.”
In context this has reference to the Roman army; if a Roman soldier demanded that a Jewish man carry his burden or equipment a mile, about 1000 paces, which was what the law specified, then Jesus said that he should carry it two miles.
But notice the wording that Jesus uses. He doesn’t say anything about a Roman soldier. He says, “and whosoever shall compel thee”. To you and I today this would mean, “If a teacher, supervisor, administrator, family member, loved one, friend, a neighbor” or a “co-worker” or a good doing “church member” would compel us to do a little extra something then we should do twice as much as they expect us to do.
Now if you are human, and we all are, many times when we are asked to the little extra, there maybe a little dragging of the feet, mumbling and murmuring, some resentment spread all over the task. After all we’re busy! Our agenda is already over crowded.
Going the extra mile may require a different attitude! Lord help!
Scripture tells us of another who was “compelled” as Jesus made his way to Golgotha: Matthew 27:32 "and as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross."
Simon had no choice but to carry the cross. However, Jesus infers that this extra mile thing will be up to our own volunteering efforts.
The extra mile will not be an enjoyable trip unless we do it as unto the lord.
Art Williams once said, “You beat 50% of the people in America by working hard; you beat 40% by being a person of honesty, integrity and standing for something; and the last 10% is a dogfight of the free enterprise system. If you want to win those dogfights you will have to learn do a little extra.”
In prayer today ask God what little extra should you do, when should you to do it, with whom, how and where. What would happen if you did a little extra before asked? Is it possible to do a little extra with a smile and a genuine desire to serve?
Pray and then put in a little extra time, extra research, extra study, extra help, extra concentration, extra love, extra hug, extra kindness, extra attention, extra work, extra rehearsal, time, extra training, extra practice, extra service, extra smile, extra filing, extra organizing, extra effort or an extra mile…maybe just maybe that little extra will go a long way.
Whatever extra you do today, the trip will be more enjoyable if you do it for the Lord. Remember to do all to the glory of God today and everyday!
“And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.”
Matthew 5: 41
Let us pray:
Lord, show me when, where and how to do a little extra today. In Jesus name, amen.

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Share this message with your friends, family and church members. Do a little extra today and let me know how God crowned your efforts with success.

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