Friday, August 3, 2012

Praycation - Day Three

What do you do when you are confronted with dire circumstances? A season when you cannot move forward and retreat is not an option.  Many voices will speak and vie for your attention with their suggestions.
Despair will tell you to give up. Hopelessness will tell you it useless. Agony will speak words of discouragement. Arrogance will tell you that you’re better than that. Impatience will tell you to do something…do anything but do it now!
Moses and the recently emancipated Hebrews in the book of Exodus faced dire circumstances on the edge of the Red Sea. God responded with “Stand still” or “Stand firm.”
So, what do you do? Stand ready expecting to hear your marching orders from God.  Stand firm until God speaks. Stand still while God prepares the answer, the solution, the promotion, the breakthrough or the breakup. Do not get in the way while God is preparing your miracle.
“Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.”
Exodus 14: 13
Lord, help me to stand firm today waiting on my marching orders instead of forcing myself into action.
Beloved this is Praycation 2012: A Transformed Life. Start using the steps to Praycation today. You can take 31 seconds or 31 minutes but you can make time to do it. The steps are Silence, Solitude, Submission, Service and Selah. Go to the Praycation introduction for more details in the archives on August 1, 2012.
If you are joining the journey, let me know in the comment section. When God answers your prayers, please share the good news with others. Me too! Invite others to join the journey with you.'s free.