Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Praycation - DAY TWENTY- EIGHT

How long O Lord, how long? In psalm 13, the poet cries how long not once but four times. It reminds us of the cry of the lonely, lost and left out. It reminds us of those who are waiting for answers that have not arrived, yet. It reminds us of those who are waiting for retribution or those who are waiting for a sudden reversal of tragic situations. How long O lord, do we have to endure seasons of insecurity and lack; how long do we have to put up with policies that castigate and praxis that defame the huddled masses yearning to breath free!

What then do we do when what we want or need we cannot get? What do we do when what needs to change seems perpetual? What do we do when we’re ready to move on but are caught between a rock and hard place?

Imagine with me what it is like to have a mind fertile with ideas that need to be born but the ideas at worse are aborted or at best still born; an imagination pregnant with the things of which dreams are made; a consciousness that has been cultivated with the sperm of visions; feet equipped for running; hands have been crafted for doing; your heart has been constructed for compassion and there is no one to love; your very being overflows with the gifts to nurture but nurture goes untried; your eyes dance with insight; your mouth is full of wisdom and your arms ache to hold the harvest of blessings that are yours. And like the subject of our text God is silent. All you want to do is to raise your voice and cry how long O lord, how long?

The psalmist then prayed consider and answer me O lord my God lighten my eyes. In other words, bring me back to life again, let there be a gleam in my eyes again. What began as an anxious cry ends as the psalmist realizes that God’s steadfast love will never let him go. I know that my trust is well placed in a God who loves me even though I feel lost between rocks and hard places. The poet begins Psalm 13 with a cry and ends with a song.
Have you ever done that been there in prayer? You start out with a cry and end up with a song. You start out anxious or troubled and end up shouting.

Today, pray your prayers trusting God that no matter what, the Lord loves you too much to let you go. The answer or solution hasn’t arrived yet. The operative word is yet! It’s coming. Hold on a little while longer!

"How long, O Lord? Will You forget me forever?"
Psalm 13: 1 (NKJV)
Let us pray:
Lord, help me to hold on just a little while longer! In Jesus name, amen.

Beloved, I don’t know about you but there are times when the answers just do not come fast enough. It seems like God has forgotten all about us. The psalmist is trying to tell us that no matter what it looks like God can help you rise above your enemies. Nudge your neighbor and say hang in there. Lord, help us to hang in there!
Encourage someone today to hold on until the answer or solution arrives. Send this message to them or post it on your Face Book or Twitter pages.

Blessings! You are already blessed with every spiritual blessing! 

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  1. Lord, thank you for speaking to me through my Bishop! Lord, I love you and I thank you!