Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Left Alone with God


There are many people who are afraid to be left alone with God. Being alone to some people means loneliness, grief and sadness. Other people see being alone as a time of peace, quiet and rest. You can be alone, without being lonely.

To be left alone without God can be horrendous. Being left alone with God can be a transforming experience.

Moses was alone with God at the burning bush café. Gideon was alone when God commissioned him to save Israel. Peter was alone on the rooftop when he was instructed to go the Gentiles. John the Baptist was alone in the wilderness. The beloved disciple John was alone on the Isle of Patmos. Each received their marching orders when they were alone with God.


“So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak.”

Genesis 32: 24

Lord, forgive me when I think I have figured it all out or know-it-all as I accept your invitation to sit alone patient in your presence to hear, ponder and obey.


Don’t let God go until the blessing comes!

Remember apart of Praycation is the study of God’s Word. Go to a Bible study in a local congregation. You could gather a few friends to study together or study alone. There are lots of Bible resources at your local Christian bookstore or on-line. Study the Bible verses given weekly on this site or begin to read through the Bible in one year. The one-year Bible verses are found on the right lower side of the home page.

Early tomorrow morning is our bi-monthly Praycation Conference Call. Mark your calendars, set your alarm and tag your digital agendas for our time of prayer, testimony and study. You can just call on at 6 AM CDT/ 7 AM EDT 1-218-936-2800, access code 812713. Send this invitation to someone you know!

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