Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazing Things


How do you prepare yourself for God to do amazing things in your life? When Joshua and the Israelites were at the Jordan River, they had to get ready to possess the promise of God. For 40 years they have been moving towards that promise.

They were not told to sharpen their swords, check their shields or pack their gear. They were told to consecrate themselves. Pay attention to God. Draw closer to God. Be prepared on the inside and outside. Wash yourselves and your clothes because God is getting ready to do amazing things…tomorrow. Are you ready?!

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you”

Joshua 3:5

Lord, I consecrate myself, wash me, cleanse me so that I am ready for the amazing things you will do in my life.

Remember to breathe! Exhale, Lord, I Need your. Inhale, Lord I receive you. Exhale, Lord Prepare me. Inhale, Lord, I receive your preparation.

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