Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Morning Refresher Course

God of this brand new day, we welcome you with our many morning moods. Some of us greeted the day with joy and anticipation. Praise dripped from our lips. Some of us barely made it though the night while others couldn’t wait for a fresh start and a new beginning. Some of us dreaded the issues we must face today while others view the challenges as opportunities to be conduits of your power.

Forgive us when we talked with others before talking to You. Forgive us when we sought your hand before we sought your face.

Whatever the circumstance, refresh us with your spirit. Teach us again to lift our faces towards the promise of a new day. Show us again how to transform the rise and grind to the rise and shine!

Help us to remember the times when grace met us unexpectedly. Wash us with new morning mercies. Help us to grow beyond the mistakes of the past and keep us from new evils that seek to disrupt and devour. Provide the resources for our rescue and redemption today and always…in Christ’s name. Amen.



Today, pray for those who are waiting for news about kidnapped children or those who have runaway. Pray for their safe return. Pray that those who love and miss them will seek peace from the one who is Peace.

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