Friday, March 18, 2011

Glorifying God

" all to the glory of God"
I Corinthians 10:31

In the quiet moments of prayer, we sincerely reach out to you O Lord, our God in the midst of cultural pluralism that presents challenges to the way we see and hear you. Thank you for your persistent love that transcends the troubles of this world to sustain us in seasons of joy and sorrow.

Forgive us for giving our best to the wrong things. Forgive us for giving our best efforts to trivial pursuits and our meager contributions to major kingdom service. Forgive us when we fail to do all to the glory of God whether in desire, drink, dress, conversation, thought and action.

Guide us so that we will know what is important and unimportant, spiritual and carnal. Empower us to do the things that truly matter so that the things that don't matter will not occupy too much of our time. In Jesus Name, Amen.



During the season of Lent we are committed to increase our prayer time from one to three times daily in the morning, a noon and at night before going to bed. Partner with someone who will either remind of the prayer time and/or pray with you. Your prayer time can be as long or short as you desire. It is not the length of he prayer but the sincerity of the petition.

Your Morning Noon and Night prayer assignment for today is to pray for those who work the nightshift. Pray that they are able to be alert to perform their duties and responsibilities. Pray that the service they render is effective and efficient. This includes, but is not limited to doctors, nurses, police, post office personnel, military, truck and bus drivers, retail clerks, firemen and women and more.


Purple prayer wrist bans are an easy way to remind yourself and others to pray Morning, Noon and Night. You can order them for your prayer group or just to wear yourself. I have been wearing mine 24/7 and keep giving them away to people who want to join the Praycation experience.

Printed on the wrist ban is of course, Morning Noon and Night and Daniel 9: 3. Send check or money order to Praycation, 500 8th Avenue South, Suite 201, Nashville, Tennessee 37203. They cost 5 for $7.00 and 10 for $14.00.

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