Friday, September 30, 2011

Divine Way Maker

Gracious and Generous God, thank you for the opportunities to exercise the gifts you’ve given us – the gift to write, create, invent, discover, organize, dance, sing, invest, grow businesses, improve communities, network, build, gather, share, and all the other complex gifts of creativity. Help us to build on the foundation left by our ancestors and at the same time create new pathways of success.

Help us to resist self-destructive actions that could ruin the lives of those we love. Help us to embrace Holy living so that everything we do brings honor and glory to your name.

Go with us today and be our human resource counselor, relationship advisor, problem solver, finance officer, promise keeper, protector, defender and divine way maker. Amen.



Praycation, a prayer break from routine or Selah, meaning to stop here before moving forward, is not your grandmother's prayer meeting. It is a digital spiritual discipline to guide you into prayer or help to get started to pray without ceasing as Paul suggests in the word of God.

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