Friday, September 16, 2011

Early We See You!

Let us Pray together:

Early we seek you this morning to pause in your presence; to breath out impurities and breath in whatsoever is kind, good, and lovely, to think on these things before the intrusion of whatsoever is deep, dark and real.

Strengthen us for the journey ahead; equip us to stand before our adversaries as we humble ourselves before you.

Lift us up to live the abundant life you came to give us so we may lift others, the lonely, least and left out. May we all today see a vision beyond what our eyes can see to what is promised in Your word.

In the name recognized in heaven, earth and hell, Amen.

Remember your breathing prayers. Do this first thing in the morning before your regular devotion or anytime during the day. When we are under stress we do not breathe deeply. Try it today!

Exhale, Lord I need you. Inhale, Lord I receive you. Exhale, I release all toxic thoughts. Inhale, I receive whatsoever is pure, wise and good.

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  1. how do i join this prayjourney i really need it