Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Our lives are daily assaulted by noise, crowds, crime and challenges. Our serenity is intimidated by a cacophony of information that pushes and shoves its way through a surfeit of media sources.

Prayer is God’s gracious invitation to leave the chaos of 21st century culture, the comfort zone of your living room and enter into the throne room of God. Prayer is a divine communication strategy designed to be an all access pass into the open heart of God.

In August 2009 we began a 31-day spiritual journey of prayer, scripture and action. More than 4,550 persons prayed. Many of you started and stopped, never got started or vacations and life got in the way of the journey.

You shared that you’d like to continue to receive a daily prayer. Thus, the journey continues. It is no longer a praycation, a break in routine; it is a Selah, a place where we stop and listen before moving on or changing tempo.

In the coming days, let’s pray together. Invite others to join you. Send it to someone who needs a Selah. Subscribe to guarantee that when a new prayer is posted it will come immediately into your email in-box.

Share your prayer experiences, your original prayers or favorite prayer quotes. Let see where God will lead us!


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