Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trash Day

Advent Praycation 2012

When you’re the youngest in the family, usually the lowest chores are left for you to do. Taking out the trash is often on the list. It meant in our family collecting all of the trash from every receptacle. Bag it tightly and carrying it all to the hugh trash cans on the back porch. Drag those two big cans to the curb in the evening for the next day pick up! Ugg! Hated it!

As painful as it seemed at the time, it would be worse if the garbage was left in the house…rotting, stinking, an incubator for germs and a magnet for pests. It was best to get rid of it, while it was manageable at the appropriate time that to have it mess up the house.
All of us have a bit of trash that needs to be put out of our lives at appropriate times while it is manageable. If we don’t, it could stink up our lives for a long time.

Advent is the season of preparation. Let’s prepare for a new life in Christ by getting rid of some stuff that has the potential to mess up our spiritual houses.

Repeat your Advent Affirmation throughout the day: Today I will take out the garbage. I will discard thoughts, attitudes, people and habits that are not compatible with an abundant, beautiful and excellent life.

Get ready! Be Prepared!”
Ezekiel 38:7
Let us pray: 

Prepare me Lord to begin a new life. Lead me to do those things that help my heart and mind to be receptive to a fresh start.
Today, I will begin by throwing out the garbage. I will discard thoughts, attitudes, and habits that are not compatible with an abundant, beautiful and excellent life. I turn away from negative people, places and things and turn towards that which is positive and uplifting.

I let go of whatever has caused past discouragement, disappointment, or disagreement. I reach for those things that encourage, support and nourish my body, mind and spirit.

So, I stand boldly on your Word.. behold you shall do a new thing in me.
Open the eyes of my heart and my mind to be receptive to new ideas, activities and relationships.
In Jesus name, Amen

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