Thursday, December 6, 2012

Arrival Ready?

Advent Praycation 2012

Beloved, we are all waiting for something. We are waiting for something to happen, something to cease, something to start, something to end, somethng to get better or somehing to arrive. Advent is the season of arrival. What are you waiting for to arrive? Jesus Christ is coming, again! The personification fo God's love, joy and peace. The government shall be upon His shoulders in spite of what the politicians think. (Isaiah 6:9)
Since we know that God answers prayer, be sure that you are prepared for the arrival. The Kingdom of God is at hand.
Since you have committed yourselves, your stuff and you it time to prepare for the arrival of your blessing!

Repeat your Advent Affirmation throughout the day:
Lord prepare my head, my heart and my life for your arrival and the arrival of Kingdom blessings!

"Prepare for God's arrival. Make the road smooth and straight." Mark 1: 1-3
The Message
Let is Pray: 
Dear Lord in this season of eager anticipation of a rebirth of hope, a transformation from distress and gloom-we believe that those things that have held us down and kept us bound—will nevertheless cease and will be no more.
As your people we shall no longer walk in darkness for the Light of the World has come and His name is Jesus. We cling to your name Jesus because it reminds us that you took on human flesh for our sake. We recognize your divinity Christ because you never lost the ability to change your situation but instead chose to save our souls. We pray that through those times of despair that we remember your bright light that guided us all to you.
In this day, we believe fervently that you will again enlarge our territory, restore joy where despair sought to disable it and we will again rejoice in your name always. We shall have no fear of what could go wrong, we have no fear of what will go wrong-we simply believe that because you are Lord, you are Savior and you are God that all things are indeed working together for our good because we have been called by you and because we truly love you.
In you we seek our eternal Wonderful Counselor-the One who is able to guide us into all truth, we believe our Mighty God desires only what is good for us, we know that your mercies endure forever for you are the Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace—we love, adore and anticipate all great things during this most sacred period in our lives-Jesus come, it is you we love, it is you we serve. Father receive our prayer in the name of the One we love-Jesus Christ.

Rev. Deborah D. Jenkins,
Wife, Mother, Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur

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