Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank You Lord!

"I will lift my eyes to you whose throne is in heaven."
Psalm 123: 1 (REB)

We lift our eyes today to see your handiwork from the first blush of dawn to the first blush of spring flowers who seem to be blooming out of time. We are amazed again as you transition us into a new season.

We stand in awesome wonder as birds migrate to new nesting places in the north and other animals shake off the sleep of hibernation. In these brilliant days of early spring, we see your creativity and feel your presence in the unusual warmth of the air.

May we never be in such a hurry to handle the business of this day or any day that we neglect to take the time to observe the beauty of your creation and be thankful!


Remember to keep your gratitude list going. Everyday write down the people, places and things you are grateful for. Take a moment for a thanks break...thanks God for the things on your list. Pull the list out whenever the events of the day sap the thanksgiving right out of you!

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