Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Promise

John 14:15–31

How comforting to know that no matter what the circumstances Jesus will never abandon us. Even in our darkest moments, when the He seems far away, His departure is temporary. More important, each new encounter with Jesus offers something that will change us, yet again, at the core of who we are.

The Disciples probably could not comprehend what Jesus ws telling them, though that seems strange, after having witness the resurrection of Lazarus. How short lived our faith in miracles! But, Jesus must have known that they did not fully understand. “Oh ye of little faith!” Jesus is being transparent so that one day, the disciples can look back and connect the dots. When the Holy Spirit falls on them fire, they will remember Jesus’ promise to send a comforter.

The prophetic Jesus teaches us that our faith is grounded in reality. It is not blind trust, or misguided hope. Each time we experience the miracle working power of God in or lives, we are reminded that God’s power has been active in our lives many times before and will be many times to come.

The Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of Gods promise to be with us even until the end of the world. Not just as a singular or momentary visitor evoking emotional response to God’s presences, but as a partner that confirms the validity of our convictions and faith over and over again by being active in our daily lives.

Rev. Vivian Nixon,

Executive Director, College and Community Fellowship

475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1626

New York, NY 10115


Remember to continue to increase your prayer time daily and dig deeper into the Word of God, especially today's passage John 14: 15-31. How are you dealing with the Daniel fast? Still on or off? If off, just jump back on again!!

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