Monday, March 5, 2012

Just As I Am, I Come

"O God, Thou art my God. Early will I seek thee…"
Psalm 63:1

O God, I come to you in the darkness of the morning
I come just as I am starting to hear the birds singing praise to you
I come before the phone starts to ring, before messages are texted or tweeted
I come to You, O God, before the flood of emails and voicemails
I come before I remember tasks left undone from yesterday
I come before the uncertainty of tomorrow becomes fear

I come before I try to live out my own plan
I come before temptation ripens
I come to You, O God, before competing voices can influence
I come before I can mistake my thoughts for Your voice
I come before I can remember all I want from you and all I want you to do for me

I come, early in this morning, to say I love You and I thank You for loving me
Thank you for giving me this day – now, I give it back to you: live today in me live through me love through me bless through me empower through me rescue through me give joy through me O God, I come to you in the darkness of the morning, like Jesus did, to make your will my will.

In His name, AMEN
Roderick Dwayne Belin

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