Monday, April 11, 2011

Pray for Our Sons

God please keep your hand on our sons….

Jesus be a fence around them and keep them from hurt, harm or danger.

Help us as we build your young boys.

Give us the strength to nurture, love and encourage them.

Give us the character to be living examples of your risen son Jesus.

Give us patience.

Give us wisdom.

Give us discernment.

Give us your power.

Give us your grace.

Bless the work of our hands and make us prosperous.

Set our sons hearts on fire for you.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Rev. Jay Gamble


Pray today for our sons. Pray for our sons by birth, blood, and spiritual or by choice. Pray for the sons in your home, church, on street corners and at school.


This is the Lenten season. Strive to increase your prayer time to three times daily - Morning, Noon and Night. Invite others to follow this prayer discipline. Strive to join the Daniel Fast. Information about the fast can be found at in the Read Section archives on the home page. Read through the Bible in 90 days or one year. If you are following the one year plan, the Bible verses are on the right side of this blogs home page. If you haven't started, start now. If you started and stopped, try, try and try again!

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