Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot And Fresh!

Let us prayer together:

Gracious Lord and lover of my soul,

Let hope so infuse my life that all I am, all I think, and all I do is a testimony to your power in my life. Help us to stop long enough to smell the flowers and then give flowers to the unsung heroes who don't have a reality television show, a book deal or a street named after them.

Let us face the challenges of the day discerning your guiding hand; Let us face the world's problems or those just in our neighborhood with a fresh vision, passion, energy and the perspective of the one who knows that you are the hope of the world. For in this hope we are saved.

In Jesus name, Amen

Romans 8: 18-25



Pray today for those who work to clean up after other people. Pray for custodians, housekeepers, maids, butlers, janitors, garbage collectors and others.

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