Monday, April 25, 2011

In Good Hands Again

Lover of our souls, we surrender our circumstances and ourselves to you once again. Into your hands we place our hopes and dreams and our fears and failures. Into your hands we place the thoughts of our minds and the meanderings of our spirit. Into your hands we place our body temple grateful that you have breathed on us the breath of life. We trust to your care the substance of our concerns.

Be now, our advocate before the Father as we confess and seek forgiveness of sin. Help us to look with eyes of faith to see you working behind the scenes, even when we see things that shake the foundation of that faith. In Your name, Amen



Thank you so much for sharing the prayers on this site with so many others around the world. Thank you for praying the Morning, Noon and Night (Daniel 9:3) Prayer Assignments with us. Believe that God is still answering prayers!!

I asked if you wanted to continue the Praycation conference calls and overwhelmingly you said yes! Keep watching this site for our continuing ministry!

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