Monday, November 9, 2009

Awesome God

God of wisdom, today we praise you that no problem is too hard for you. Thank you, that nothing is impossible with you. You are an awesome God and there is nothing you can't do. Thank you, there is nothing beyond your care or capabilities. Praise God you are in charge.

We bring to you our needs. We bring to you our concerns. Take control even though things seem more than we can handle.

Today we lift our voices in prayer for answers or the patience to live with what we do not understand or comprehend.

In the Your name, Amen.

Advent is coming soon. You can join us in preparing our hearts, minds and spirits for the coming Christmas celebration by sharing: your original prayers, Advent prayers, Prayer Experiences, prayer requests or holiday traditions. How do you prepare for the coming of the Christ child each year. Please exclude your shopping tips.


  1. Advent Meditations by John E. Windell includes short story illustrations based on the Revised Common Lectionary scriptures for each day in Advent.

  2. John, we'd be happy to share one of your Advent meditations from your new book and include a link where people can purchase the book.