Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Invisibles

O Lord, Our God, forgive us for being invisible men and women who fade into and out of the lives of other people. We slip pass them without a touch. We observe them without being seen. We hear without responding. We become invisible because we are afraid of saying or doing something foolish. We're afraid of rejection or abuse. It is easier to become invisible rather than risk intimacy with others.

Forgive us Lord also for making other people invisible. We refuse to see their side of the story or turn a deaf ear to their cries for help. We self-medicate ourselves so that we become numb to their touch. We are blind to their presence because their needs makes demands upon our time and treasure.

Forgive us of our fears. May your perfect love deal perfectly with us to make visible your love in us and through us. You have sent someone who is Forgiveness who paid the ultimate price. Thank you Lord that we can confess be free. It is in the name of Forgiveness we pray, Amen.


Read through the Bible in one year!

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