Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tis the Season

Father in the name of Jesus, almighty God, all powerful God, everlasting God, creator of all things we come right now to confess you are Lord over our lives-mind, body, spirit and soul and you are Lord over all things and so we invite you to come now God. Holy Spirit have your way as I come on behalf of your daughters who are struggling in the joyous season.

God I come interceding right now for every individual whose eyes are able to follow the lines here and receive in their heart and every believer who believes in you …We give honor and praise to your name. Your word says in Hebrews 11 “He rewards those who diligently seeks Him”. God here we are seeking you and laying it all before you. God we come surrendering to your will. We put our expectations in you in this difficult season. When we should be celebrating your birth and shouting for joy Father God some of us are not… Why God?

It is in this season anything we struggle with in life becomes magnified. Whatever it is we’re carrying is heavier is like a ton in this season, whatever struggles are in front of us now looks like a brick wall and the result oh God is deadlier than the issue... depression God, suicidal thoughts God, self- medicating … yes God the result of all we’re dealing with is too heavy for us alone to bear. So we need you God.

My sisters are dealing with unemployment, underemployment, financial loss, financial lack, foreclosers thru the mail, eviction notices and pad locks are on the door, grief and bereavement is the only thing that some of us see in this season, physicians with trending diagnosis that we don’t understand and then God there is the pressure of the season. The pressure to keep up, to buy in to darkness, to spend what we don’t have for something we things that have no value or significance… not only are we dealing with this stuff God but the house is struggling in this season-our husbands and men are struggling in this season-our children are struggling in this season-our families are struggling not to mention the community, the Country, the Government, the World.

But God, You God , Elohim, Jehovah, Adonai are the only one capable of handling it all. So God we come to the only source we know in this season and every season. We acknowledge you God as the only one who can shift the climate, change our status, re-write the story, open doors and portals, cancel debt, operate without anesthesia , jump a flat line, comfort the home, rebuild a house, bring the unsaved in out of the wilderness and be our ultimate Commander in Chief in this term, midterm and all terms.

We come today to serve notice to all that is against us, all that is that is deceiving us, all that is wearing us down. I come to declare as daughters of the Most High, heirs to the Throne we will not be moved in the name of Jesus. Your word says in Job 22:28 “You will declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways” and believe it. We put our hope in you God because we know “all things are possible for them who love Him”. We know nothing is too hard for you oh God. We know God that it is your will to bless us. We know God according to Jeremiah 29:11 Your plan is to prosper us to give us hope and a future and we believe You God. We come to command this day and take authority over the day in the name of Jesus. We seek you God to set order to our day right now, to set order to our mess right now, to set order to the season right now. We graciously step into the day with gratitude. We greet the day with excitement, joy, anticipation and expectancy. And as we have placed all of our cares upon you Father God “our soul waits patiently for God alone”. We consider it done. We shout now for the victory before any manifestation. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Dee Marshall

Founder and President, Girlfriends Pray


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