Monday, May 24, 2010

The Joy of The Lord

“ Dear brothers and sisters, whenever trouble comes your way. Let it be an opportunity for joy. For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.”

James 1: 2-3

Lord, there are times when we must confess that we cannot see troubles “ as an opportunity for joy” especially when we wrestle with the “what ifs” of life. Help us when we wonder what if things will work out; what if we can’t make it through the day; what if the problem continues; what if the check doesn’t clear; what if the prognosis is wrong; what if we can’t make ends meet; what if we can’t stay in business; what if we get paid late; what if it costs too much; what if this plan doesn’t work out or what if the report is false all threaten to rob us of your joy.

Help us to be joyful even when we face disappointments and difficult decisions. Empower us to rise above whatever tries to destroy this joy we have from you. Your joy is the strength of our lives! In Jesus name, Amen



  1. Yes, what if(s) are a part of this life. God has instructed to walk and live in his word and when we do that, we no longer have to worry about the what if(s). Thank you Lord for this beautiful day that you have made.

  2. The what ifs of life can spring up from a lack of Wisdom and Understanding in our everyday
    life. They attempt to overshadow the Word of GOD and almost seem demonic just like satan
    spoke to Eve. They are here to steal our confi-
    dence and Knowledge. Rebuke them in the Name of JESUS.