Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feed Us!

Eternal God, we emerge from the calm of the night to the chaos of a noisy world demanding more from us than we care to give. Forgive us when we have added to the cacophony of sounds that have hindered rather than helped.

We give thanks today for the simple things: the cup of something warm on a chilly morning, laughter from a neighbor, a smile from a stranger, the kindness of a friend, a seat on the bus, a break, the help from unexpected places, the whisper of a prayer and the generosity of heart, mind and spirit.

What a joy it is today to tell of your love that won’t leave us alone. Help us to pass on our faith as we move through this day to those who are not aware that they are really hungering and thirsting for the bread of heaven. In Jesus name, feed us until we can want no more!


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