Monday, December 21, 2009

Upon Every Snowy Occasion

Dear God,
Everyday is an occasion to thank you for life and the diversity of experiences even snowy ones. Thank you for keeping us safe on snowy roads. Thank you that sinning wheels and cars that refused to navigate the hills and valleys didn’t end in the loss of life. Thank you for the policeman who helped us up the hill along with 12 others! Thank you for those who worked overtime to plow the roads!

Thank you for the neighbor who came to help us dig out. Thank you for heat, lights, milk, bread, sustenance and family.

Now God, we pray for those who do not have family members, neighbors or those who are sworn to protect and serve to help them. We pray for those who have no heat, light or food.

Help us to work together to find ways to be a blessing to those without, with little, with some and no one to care. Encourage us to reach out today to be sure that everyone on our block made it through the storm safe and sound. Touch someone's heart so that they clear the steps and sidewalk of the elderly, disabled, or persons otherwise impaired and perhaps share a meal with the homebound.

In the Name above all names, Amen.

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