Thursday, December 17, 2009

Peace, Possible Peace

Holy God,
As we prepare for all the possibilities of the coming of Christ, we need your peace. We need your peace that surpasses our understanding, so that we do not lose sight of why you come. We need your peace in our homes and in our jobs and in our schools and in our communities and in our churches. We need your peace, so that our living will not is in vain. We need your peace so that we can recognize that this life that we live is not about us, but about you. We need you peace so that in everything that we do and everything that we say, we have the sensibilities to seek your wisdom and your guidance. We need your peace in the wars that rage in our nations, in the wars that rage in our homes and in the wars that rage within us.

Teach us to prepare our minds, bodies and souls to be instruments of your peace. Teach us what it is operate in the possibilities of the coming Savior.

As we seek your peace, let us not cower down from seeking justice for those who cannot seek justice for themselves. Help us through our actions, show what your love looks like that others may come to understand why you have come.
In the Peaceful Name of Jesus Amen

Toni Belin Ingram


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