Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Majesty

I looked out of the window and saw a magnificent display of colors from a deep golden glow to a resplendent red and deep rich browns this morning. The leaves are turning on the trees. God is showing off again.

Don’t be in such a hurry today. Walk a little slower. Breathe in the smells, sights and sounds of this transition. Take a different route home so you can enjoy the majesty of the season.

Let us pray:

Great Creator God, we come to you today in the quiet mystery of early morning dew and the majesty of autumn’s splash of color. Help us to treasure your creation with the same intensity as we treasure our Creator.

We lift before you those who have experienced a loss in their lives – the loss of a friend or family member, the loss of employment or health benefits, the loss of sleep or the loss of peace. Help them to let go just as the leaves are releasing their hold upon the branches of the trees to make room for hope and healing. Guide those who can comfort and correct to be visible and vocal on their behalf.

Now, may the plans you have for them, plans not to harm but to prosper them be greater than the pain of the moment. In Jesus name, Amen.


Have you forgotten the breathing prayers we learned over the summer? Remember when we are stressed, we tend to take shallow breaths. Breathe and do it deeply in prayer. Try it today.

Exhale: Lord I need you. Inhale: Lord I receive you. Repeat.


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