Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heal Us!

“…and all who touched him were healed.”

Mark 6: 56

Healer of the nations, Healer of all, we rise today yearning for a touch from you. Heal our world, which seems to devour the weak and vulnerable. Heal our nation, which refuses to find common ground or common good but seeks to serve selfish interests. Heal our families so that in whatever shape or form family is found they will become incubators for future generations. Heal our economy so that we will be the good men and women the psalmist describes as those who leave an inheritance for their children’s children.

Heal us, Jesus from narrow-minded race-based mistreatment and exploitation. Heal any destructive systems that permit and promote human suffering.

Heal our bodies from the ravages of disease and the consequences of our own behavior. Heal our hearts so that we can love beyond self. Heal our hearts so that we will love out of your love and not our own. Heal us, Lord, so that wherever we find ourselves today our bodies, soul and mind will be a testimony to your healing power.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, as we reach to touch you. Now, touch us back drawing away whatever hinders and hurts. In Jesus name, Amen.



You are invited to join us for our 3rd Annual Praycation Journey. It is a 31-day break from the ordinary where you are encouraged to step away from noise, abide in the presence of God in Word, praise and prayer. This is a spiritual discipline vacation that I call a Praycation.

This is an opportunity to increase your prayer time and deepen your spiritual journey by seconds and minutes.

* 31 days with 31 verses of Scripture

* 31 days with 31 sentence prayers

* 31 days of 31 seconds of silence daily

* 31 days of 31 seconds of praise daily

* 31 days 31 minutes of study

What a wonderful way to end the summer! Invite your BFF's, family and "frienimies" to participate. Be still...and know that God can do extraordinary things for us, in us and through us!

Remember…to send this invitation to someone else today!

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