Friday, February 25, 2011

Renew Our Faith

Let us pray together:

O God, the holy source of energy, enthusiasm and excitement, renew our faith in your eternal compassion and commitment to humanity. Life’s travails have beleaguered us beyond measure. We are over burdened by our work experiences. We are overwhelmed by our family responsibilities. We are overloaded by our religious commitments. We are most grateful that the power to overcome our dilemmas rests in you, God alone. We praise the wisdom of recreation and relaxation, moments of renewing divine purpose and intent in our lives. Help us to envision your divine mission for each of us and all of us. Allow us to divert daily to devote ourselves to your presence, to withdraw weekly to worship your providence, and to abandon annually to adore your purpose. Amen.

Dr. Daryl B. Ingram
Executive Director
Christian Education Department
"Teaching Christ Globally"
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