Sunday, November 28, 2010


First Sunday in Advent
It's Advent! This is the four-week season to prepare us spirituallyfor the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The sounds of Christmas will be everywhere. Carols will be sung in church, heard on the radio and while shopping in over crowded malls.

The sound of Advent is the sound of prayer, fasting, study, meditation and worship that seeks the face of God. The sound of Advent is a longing for God to appear. It is the anticipation of the arrival of God's promise and at the same time looking beyond what we can see.

This is the time of year when I seek to increase my prayer time. I listen intently to the voice of God seeking instruction for the celebration preparation as well as guidance for the coming new year.

Advent is more than which grinch will try to steal Christmas or how many sugarplums should be dancing in our heads. It is a concerted seeking season to dig into the Word of God, increase prayer time, worship abundantly and practice authentically your Spiritual Disciplines.

Start with Seleh, a companion for those who want to go deeper in Christ and practice spiritual disciplines, now through Christmas. (Seleh, formerly called Praycation is under construction) Stay with Seleh in the coming new year to grow stronger in the things of God. Many will watch faithfully a favorite television show, football or basketball game. It only take a minute to stick with Seleh daily. Make it a part of the regular devotions.


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  1. This Advent season, I too am looking to devote more time in prayer, fasting and the Word of God. I'm open to God's Spirit, I'm open to His direction and most definately, I'm open to the direction He wants me to go in!!! I pray that we will grow together, get deeper in God's presence together, and listen together to determine the direction He wants us to go in!! Looking forward to another year of inspirational messages that inspire me to keep hope alive, that I use to inspire others to keep holding on. Looking forward to not only this advent season, but another year with YOU!!!

    Daniela Bailey