Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chaos to Calm

My soul only waits for the Lord. In silence I sit in anticipation for the one who is my rock and my salvation.  Draw me out of the chaos of this world and into the calm of your intimacy. I breathe out chaos and breathe in calm; breathe out the chaotic experiences of living in an uncertain world and breathe in the calm of a peace that surpasses all understanding; breathe out chaotic personalities and breathe in the calm of a changeless Christ; breathe out ignorance and breathe in the calm of your wisdom that instructs me; breathe out my will and breath in thy will be done.

Calm me just as you have calmed the winds and the waves.
Speak to me just as you spoke to the storm.
Touch me in places I’d rather leave untouched.
See me and know what I thought was hidden from you.
Cross my inner threshold so that we are one.

Here I am Lord your servant is listening...and having heard your voice clearly, I go to stand boldly before my adversaries to speak truth to the powers that be; to bring about a future, your future that is a benefit to all, not some but all.
In Jesus Name, Amen


Beloved, just as there is an eye in a hurricane, you can find calm in the midst of any chaos swirling around you. Breathe deeply inviting the presence of God to preside over your day. Seek calm centers within that keep you focused and on task even when everything seems confused. Create the calm wherever you go!